Three great casinos in north central Oklahoma … Braman, Kanza, and Newkirk. Take advantage of new and exciting opportunities to win cash and accumulate points on your Legacy Card or Players Club card each month. And increase your odds of winning by playing and participating in our promotions at all three locations.




    SouthWind Casino Newkirk | 55 and Better Jan 2017

    SouthWind Casino Newkirk | VGT Tournament Tuesdays Jan 2017




    SouthWind Casino Braman | VGT Tournament March 2017

    SouthWind Casino Braman | 100K Champions Tournament Jan 2017

    Southwind Casino Braman | Camper Giveaway June 2017

    Southwind Casino Brman | Hot Seats Promo June 2017

    Southwind Casino Brman | Kayak Giveaway June 2017